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From: Jake Audio
Subject: Family is always Welcome, Part 3 Brother JuanThis story is in no way real, just a nice piece of fiction!Hope it's up to par! Never forget Fantasy is one thing reality is another!
With that said please enjoy the story by all means. That's why I write, for
people to enjoy themselves. LOL!Family Is Always Welcome: Part 3 Brother Juan!As life elwebbs lolita freedom bbs
does often; things settled into
a nice niche and everyone gained what they needed in the house!Tony got his dad's dick in him all the
time after the first night, it ended with Miguel bagging Tony to
another orgasm. He let me bang him after his dad finished. It was so
good. After that night Tony became the biggest sex maniac. Something
had changed in him. He put his dick in anything after that. He fucked
me and had his dad fucked him at the same time, then he when into the
triplies room and fucked each one of them and they each fucked him.
He got really into it a lot.
Miguel and I non nude children lolita fooled around and screw
around with all the boys. But we most times just made it with each
other. The boys weren't in on our fun most times. One day Miguel got
a phone call about his brother Juan. He had kept in touch with him on
and off over the years. They had always been close. Some of his
family had married and had kids, but the family had rejected them
because they were different racially. It was a about 6 months after
Miguel came home that he ask me if Juan and his boys could come to
live with us.
How could I refuse him, he was now my
son. So I told him that night in bed when we were finished a great
time having sex. While I panted away afterwards I told him to have
his brother Juan and his boys move in. He gave a happy smile and
hugged and cried to me his gratitude."Miguel, you are my son now, what
matters to you matters to me."
"I just can't get over the way you
have accepted all of us!"
"I love you all. You know family is
all that really matters. Granted the sex is great, that doesn't have
any baring on you being here! Remember Family always."The day of arrival I was shocked,
Miguel's brother look like him, but his sons looked like...me.
I didn't know what to think. That night
at dinner I asked Juan about it. He look at me.
"I knew you son. It turns out I'm
sterile, blunt trauma during high school soccer." He talked about
the whole story, I tried to figure out how he could have Terry.
"So where did you meet him?"
"The army, we went to boot camp
"Is he alive?"
"I don't know. I haven't received
any mail from him in 1 year. Travis was the best thing in boot camp.
I had been mad at my dad and He worked elwebbs lolita freedom bbs me through it, but he got
injured in a raid...."
"You must mean Terry."
"No Travis, he was injured and then
lost his memory, then was reported missing in action. Some how he
made it home with no record of who he was. Lived for two years not
knowing who he was, then I saw him one day. We started to talk, he
somehow remembered me. He had saved my life. But Nothing else came
back, except bits and pieces. I took him in, talked him into being
the father of my kids. It was the least I could do after he saved my
life."I was so stunned. I looked at Jaun.
"Did you guys have..."
"Sex? Not at first, but then he got
into, he also slept with my wife till some guy broke into the house
and tried to kill us. Travis saved us all. But he went nuts and had
to be put into a physiological hospital after that attack. My wife
went into labor early with my youngest son. She died in deliver.
Travis wrote for a while, then the letters stopped recently.
Supposedly he got out, got one last letter saying not to worry we
would fine.""That makes you more family than
ever. Call me dad!"
I grabbed Juan into a bear hug and held
on to him as I cried. I thought my son was dead. 4 boys by him, and
now they were here with me! We would try to find Travis. He pulled
away and looked at me with such compassion.
"He's just like you in every way. He
looked at me one time after we started to have sex. He wondered how
you'd feel about him having sex with a man."
"Did he remember who I was. I think
toward the end he did. He was afraid to go home."
because of the man to man sex?"
"I think so. He was also afraid you
would except him for what he had become."
"Oh I want him home more than ever.
We will work to find him."Juan pulled me into a hug and kissed me
deep. Wow, I was lost in the kiss and suddenly hard as Chinese
algebra in my pants. He looked at me and asked where my bedroom was.
I led him to it. He shut the door and came back over to me to kiss
My head was filled with passion and
lust. This man of 39 was incredible, same height as Miguel but as he
pulled away he pulled his shirt off. He had more muscle than Miguel.
I was no muscle hulk myself granted I was lean. But he was very
different from his brother. He also had more hair on his body. His
nipple were very brown and sexy. I came up to him and started to lick
one then the other. I didn't even think worked my way up to his very
hair arm pits. He was lost in the feeling and moan like crazy. preeteen nudist nude lolita I
grabbed at his pant and his underwear. Boxers Army issue, he had just
gotten out of the service a year ago. Joined about the same time as
Miguel, but he had been in the marines. That was quite clear on his
body, hard packed. I got his clothes all off and told him to get on
the bed. I staired at dick and my mouth watered over his cut dick. I
was think of american lolita porn pictures having cut to look like the boys and his. Miguel's was
the same. I found out late that I was the only one in the house that
wasn't circumcised.
I took my clothes off and he watched
with baited breath. He didn't say a word about my dick he just took
it in his mouth and I almost came right then.
"Wait Juan. I want this bad boy up
your butt before it shoots."
"Fine with me."
"First let me get you ready."I proceeded to get on the bed and lick
every part of his body. He was so lost in it all. He would later
tell me he never had so much pleasure in one session. After I
finished licking everything I went to his ass. He as soon begging me
to bang him...How did Tony put it. O yes, like a salvation army band.I lubed up his ass and then my dick. I
put it at his hole. Just rubbed it up and down his crack. He was so
into it.
"Dad, please I begging you put your
dick in me."
I teased him a bit more then push in
about in inch. It was tight.
"When was the last time Travis
screwed you?"
"15 YEARS, I've never let a man but
him fuck me till now."
"What about your sons." I worked
more into him.
"They have but you and Travis are
way bigger."I was soon all the way in. I then moved
hard and quick as I went almost all the way out then in. We were
panting and moaning so much. I knew I would last long it was just to
hot of sex. I knew later we would take longer. We both started to cum
at the same time as the door opened. We couldn't stop and did care to
do so. All 8 boys and Miguel stood there amazed at us.I pulled out and laid on the bed next
to my other new lover. I wondered at that time if too much sex could
kill you. They all wanted to join us I said not till Juan banged my
hole first. He was soon up and soon had his dick in me. It felt good
to have his manly dick in me. It was much like Miguel and the 17 year
old triples, but it had it's own feel. I liked it and he was soon
banging away. It took longer, and it was a hot sight to watch the
boys going at it. Trey had his 17 year old cousin Brian banging him.
Then Tony got on the bed while all the boys banged. Him He really was
quite the slut and only 12 years old.Soon all the boys were banging my hole
and Juan's. They left with just Miguel standing there. It had only
been 40 minutes and they were done with us adults. The boys would
spend the rest of the night doing stuff to each other.
Our shy lolita 8yo porn night ended with one more round,
Miguel being our object of desire. We both got he worked up till his
was begging either of us to bang away at his butt. We both did it. He
came both times.
Only the future will tell what will
happen. I knew that with a house full of boys and men anything could
happen. The four older boys would be starting college, maybe far away
maybe not.
That left Tony at 12, Greg non nude children lolita
at 14, Billy
at 15, and Thomas at 16, The older 4 were finished with school and
either going to work or college. As far as I was concern college was
the order of the day, even if little lolita bbs loli it a Jr. college.
A lot more sex next time.
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